Race Report – The Grizzly 2017

Race Report – Sam Scott

The Grizzly 2017

So back in August 2016 I was talked into entering the ballot and got in along with Sarah, Chrissy and Jason for The Grizzly; a gentle 20mile run along the Devon coastline!

7 months later I was standing at the start and Sarah said to me, “Do you think we are a little under prepared for this?” As we looked around and it appeared the majority of people had hefty trail shoes, backpacks, leggings and long sleeves, whilst we stood in just our skimpy shorts and vest!!

After the town crier did his thing with a yay and bell ring we were off, within metres of the comfort of the esplanade straight onto the pebble beach just to really warm the legs up for a good 400m. The noise was horrendous the shingle and stones crushing under foot from the mass of competitors. Back onto the esplanade and made our back through the start line along Seaton and started the 1st of many climbs.

I will not bore you with the details but basically we climbed over 3000ft, ran through several ridiculously deep long bogs sent through rivers, down muddy steep descents to test our agility, around muddy woodland trails all to get to the delights of running a km along Branscome beach and of course back through a stream and only to climb up the cliff back towards Beer and home to Seaton where the fire brigade were ready with their hoses to wash us down.

So 20miles of gruelling terrain to test even the best runners but thoroughly enjoyable with plenty of local support and great marshalling. ¬†Great support from Dave, Pete and Lewis along with Chrissy’s family.

Can’t wait until next year’s ballot¬†?