2017 Goldenstones Aquathlon


Goldenstones Aquathlon Race Report: Nicola Hayes.

Fantastic day yesterday! Kicking off with a lovely Parkrun with great friends. Christine Smith decided that morning she’s joining me and Lola for the Goldenstones Aquathlon despite not swimming for over a year! She absolutely smashed it. Lola absolutely loved the whole experience and can’t wait to do the next one and I’m well and truly hooked on this! Such a buzz, nerve-wracking, hysterical and I’m not washing off my number 10!! Who needs a 3 anyway
Massive thanks go to Dave and Lydie Coles and Lyndon Coles who came to support and cheer and run with us. I cannot thank you guys enough for that. It meant so much to me and being part of this club makes me a very happy lady and Lola loves being a junior R4T ❤️Thank you to Peter Darton for posting this event because without you we wouldn’t have got there. The support and advice were greatly appreciated even though I forgot most of it when I hit the pool! It’s sinking in for next time though 😉 highly recommend everyone to have a go at this.

Congratulations to Peter Darton for being 1st overall (incredible time) and Christine Smith (I haven’t swum for a year, I only do breaststroke!) 2nd lady! Wow, you definitely need to pursue the triathlete route. You are awesome! I’m delighted with 4th, matching positions with Scott Quayle (great run Scottianna and lovely to see you there too! My hustling tactic didn’t pay off did it 😂) can’t wait to do it again 😁

Aquathlon results