2017 Yeovil Marathon

Yeovil Marathon 2017

Yeovil Marathon 11th June 2017. Race Report: Julius Naim.

In its 3rd year, Yeovil Marathon returned with a number of club members running and others offering support.

Racing members were:

  • Jack Clothworthy
  • Sue Fox
  • Shane Green
  • Julius Naim
  • David Purchase
  • Chrissy Smith

In support:

  • Richard Blackmore
  • Kerry Boulton
  • Simon Carney
  • Lydie Coles
  • Lyndon Coles
  • Fred Fox
  • Mark Gosney
  • Nicola Hayes
  • Chris Hockley
  • Marianne King
  • James Parrott
  • Mike Parrott
  • Hannah Partridge
  • James (and Jack) Stott

The Event

The race is a relatively small affair hosted by Yeovil Town Road Running Club (YTRRC), scheduled only days before the London Marathon Good For Age (GFA) entries open offering chip timing on a PB potential course.  There were 216 entries this year with a capacity of 300.  The race was at RNAS Yeovilton with the race HQ and registration tent on the grassed area inside the athletics track by the start/finish line.  Alongside the HQ were plenty of food and drink vendors, post race massage and an area in the centre with entertainment throughout the event.  Ample parking was available with changing rooms and showers opposite Fleet Air Museum.

The Race

As everyone assembled at the start area there seemed to be an extra Running for Time vest among us; Nicola Hayes joined the group for the first part of the run and ran to the Running for Time manned aid station at Mudford.  When the race started Dave shot off with the front pack.  I hadn’t been well recently and up until the Friday was uncertain that I’d be able to participate so had a rough plan to run a decent 5k, notch it back and keep steady until the half marathon and then, if I decided to carry on, would break the second half down into walk and run sections.  It was hard to let it go but I had to think about keeping well.

Getting to Mudford and seeing the crew was such a wonderful thing, having such strong support from clubmates really made the race for me and I know from Dave’s comments on Facebook they kept him going to the end!

Not long after the halfway point I’d found that Shane had to pull out, he’d been having back issues in the run-up to the race and assumed that it must have been too painful; I was gutted as I was looking forward to him catching me and running together.

I realised that I’d got carried away from mile 13 and did three miles without dropping pace,  as I did start to slow I was slightly worried to see Dave ahead of me and realised that he wasn’t keeping the pace he had wanted; I found out later that it was the club support that got him to the finish.

The atmosphere among runners was so positive, despite a small field it was notably supportive and friendly.  I had lots of people trying to egg me on when they saw me walking so had to explain it was on purpose on many an occasion.

Shortly after I finished I heard that Chrissy was on the way in, inside her GFA target of 4 hours; it was phenomenal to see her achieve her goal!

I thoroughly loved the race.  I had entered it to get a good road time behind me; I thought it might be boring and lonely but it was beautiful, peaceful and well worth the experience:  Perhaps it was because I had put the time goals behind me for the day and just enjoyed myself.  I’m sure that in the future this will be a race I’ll train specifically for and look forward to returning to Yeovil Marathon.


  • David Purchase 03:37:25
  • Julius Naim 03:46:28
  • Chrissy Smith 03:57:36
  • Jack Clotworthy 04:12:35
  • Sue Fox 04:22:48