11402949_10152824660795981_5147619168162620096_nRunning For Time started when David Purchase, a keen marathon runner who had recently moved back to the westcountry, wanted company on his Sunday morning long runs in 2013. David was a member of a small running group at Nuffield Gym and recruited Sarah Brooks, Al Herbert and Craig Dike to join him for all, or part of his runs.

parkrun came to Montacute, and David took to the challenge of parkrun, making several friends in the process. This was brought home at the Yeovil Half Marathon in 2014 where he realised how many local runners he knew. Knowing the importance of Interval training and how hard it was to do on your own from his times at Hillingdon AC, he decide to set up a weekly interval group using the park at Ninesprings, basing the sessions around 5k racing with intervals totalling 5k (5×1000, 12 x 400 etc.)

First members were recruited from people he knew from the gym. Lyndon and Lydie Coles, Edri Den Hartog, Sarah and Will Brooks, Tony Knight, Ian Allman, Marcus and Pip Moger, Amy Hallett and then Matthew Warr, Blossom Evans, Becs Fox and Chrissy Smith joined from parkrun. These people introduced friends, and the numbers grew – the group also continuing with the Sunday morning social runs. As winter came, the group took to the streets of Yeovil under floodlight.

David works on a theory of running for a purpose, rather than running lots of dead miles. With this in mind, and the fact that several runners aiming to improve their half marathon times, he set up a tempo session in January 2015. This program/theory helped several members gain PBs, so the program was repeated in August 2015. The group developed and numbers grew, most notably when 20 turn up for the “round the rock” interval session in the summer of 2015.

10994932_10153964303523475_558805901014494340_nWith group regular getting 10+ runners on a Tuesday at Tempo/club runs, Thursday at Intervals, Saturday at parkrun and Sunday social long runs. A great weekend of Half Marathon running saw 15 members run in Half’s across the country with a handful of regular half runners not included. This made him realised for the group to progress he could no longer do everything, so Running For time as a club was started.

David hoped that following basic principle, which he believes in and has run the original group with, will continue as a key part of the club constitution.

  • Train with a purpose
  • Develop and improve your running
  • Run with a smile
  • The social is equally as important as the run
  • Encourage new runners
  • Create an environment for all abilities